We are proud to announce that we are now the official, Pan-European PR partner of the most dynamic and certainly the most fun-to-work-with lubricant company of the world: Wolf Oil Corporation. This comes on top of the Pan-European advertising account which we have been in charge of for the last two years. Fully concentrated with all efforts, the best impact promised.

Wolf Oil Corporation is an independent lubricants company with a clear vision for the future. They specialise in bringing their customers tailored, technology-enhanced lubricants that make engines better, faster, greener and cleaner. 

As blending specialists, they welcome the many challenges of the industry and of producing lubricants of the highest quality.

From the port of Antwerp – an enviable gateway to the world – they have gained a truly international presence with exports to over 95 countries.

Wolf Oil Corporation’s mission is to meet the diverse needs and requirements of the customers and serve them with high quality, technology enhanced lubricants.

This is where we as the PR partner and Media planner come in. We will use our expertise and knowledge to help them achieve their mission.

For 2018 we will be spreading and follow-up on press releases with our well established international press list, organising press tours for them, set-up meetings with media for smaller fairs and organise international press conferences for the major trade shows. We will of course monitor all the international media for news about the company and its two brands. 

As for the media planning; our schedules are all in line with the client’s product launches, product strategy and the suitable media editorial features. The plans are heavily negotiated with ads positioned on unique spots, giving Wolf the best visibility possible.

This Mills cross-media care gives clients the best service. Interested in being pampered the same way? Give us a call!

Loes Mills