Continental® Motors is an aircraft engine manufacturer located in Mobile, Alabama, United States. The only company to offer a full range of gasoline and diesel engines, P&WC PT6 overhaul, as well as avionics and interiors services.

For Continental® Motors we take care of all online and offline advertising, booth design, brochures, social media and we facilitate their PR. They participate at different events where we assist them in any way we can.

EAA AirVenture is the world’s biggest aviation get-together, and has an attendance of close to 600,000 people during the one week show. It started as a yearly experimental meet-up, and then grew into the leading event of the world. In 2017 more than 10,000 aircrafts arrived – real aviation enthusiasts arrive with their planes and camp during the show. The exhibition attracts most manufacturers and service providers from the aviation industry – this year there were 881 commercial exhibitors. Plenty of workshops, classes for pilots and mechanics are on offer – a total of 1050 sessions were organised attracting more than 75,000 people. Over 900 aviation media representatives were present on-site, from six continents.

This year again we happily assisted Continental® Motors at this event.

Objectives for AirVenture 2017 were:

Create an attractive and practical show booth with the latest branding
Attract attention and pull in participants to the Continental technical lectures by Continental top mechanics
Find a way to showcase the freshest news on products and building of the new manufacturing facility
Totally integrate the different subsidiaries and create the “We are all one company” feeling to customers
Display 7 aircrafts on the grass field attached to the tent
Organise a press conference and attract 15 journalist
Have a continuous social media activity with interesting video interviews and live airing
15 face-to-face meetings with (mainly US) media representatives for a better co-operation in 2018.

A two-month intensive and co-ordinated operation including co-operation with the different departments of Continental, the booth builders, the whole graphic team and media.

Positive feedback from all customers regarding the design of the tent
Positive feedback from Continental employees regarding the design and set-up
Press conference with the presence of 20+ international journalists
Continental classrooms with a 70% attendants rate
The only aviation player having a 24/7 presence through various social media channels
Media (PR & Sales) meetings with 18 different parties.

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