Open Bedrijven Dag Wolf Oil Corporation

Wolf Oil Corporation is a family-owned Belgian company, and have been a proud corporate resident of Hemiksrem since 1955. They have grown to become one of Europe’s largest independent lubricant blenders. They work in a highly competitive market, challenging some of the largest operators and growing even where others are shrinking. They are expanding their reach to more than 90 countries.

Even though Wolf is one of Europe’s largest lubricant supplier, they are not very well known in their surrounding area and throughout Belgium. Wolf Oil wants to get closer to the public, especially the people that live in the neighbourhood and family and friends of the employees. They also want to attract potential talent to come and work for the company. Wolf Oil Corporation is a dynamic, innovative company and has an open organizational structure. This makes it an attractive employer brand for those looking for a flexible, challenging and rewarding next step in their career.

The Open Bedrijven Dag was a good opportunity to get started. The annual event gives local communities the opportunity to get to know more about the companies in their region. Multiple companies open their doors during this day for the public. The public are able to look around the company’s day-to-day activities, see their offices and learn more about their history.

Wolf Oil Corporation created an eventful and fun day. It was the first time that Wolf Oil opened their doors to the press and public. Visitors could learn more about the exciting work involved in oil-blending and producing lubricants to the highest technical and environmental standards. Visitors are welcome from 10am to 5pm. During this day the people were able to take a tour through the new office, factory and the laboratory. During this tour it was possible, with the use of an app, take part in a competition, do assignments, learn more about Wolf Oil Corporation and win an IPad.

As Wolf Oil Corporation’s new PR agency, Mills Advertising was responsible for organising the Press attendance at the Open Bedrijven Dag on the 1st of October. A private press breakfast was arranged especially for them to meet Philippe and Nicolas Verellen, the owners of Wolf Oil Corporation. This was a unique opportunity for the press to step inside the world of Wolf Oil Corporation.

Mills Advertising’s research on daily press, audio visual media and also B2B & B2C magazines established a press list that covers Belgium and the Netherlands.

An invitation was sent to the press inviting them to a special press breakfast at Wolf Oil Corporation before the doors were opened to the public.

During the event, the PR Team of Mills Advertising were also present to support the press, together with the Wolf Oil Corporation employees and enjoy the day.

Objectives for the Open Bedrijven Dag were:
– Build a relationship with the people living in the surrounding area, friends and families of workers.
– Create interest and excitement for new talent to work at Wolf Oil Corporation.
– Build awareness for Wolf Oil Corporation as a pioneer in independent lubricant blending in Europe.
– Lay groundwork for press relations and broaden the spectrum to daily press, audio visual media and also B2C magazines.
– Getting B2C and B2B press down to the Open Bedrijven Dag of Wolf Oil Corporation.

The targets for this day were to get 1500 visitors and to get 15 journalists to the press breakfast.

– 3000 visitors during the day
– 10 journalists present during the press breakfast and day.
– 8 one-on-one interviews with the owners with journalists from national and specialised media
– Inclusion in posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)