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is a full service agency serving a wide range of Pan-European accounts. The agency focuses on the international advertising and marketing requirements of companies committed to consistent and co-ordinated advertising programmes for Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South Africa.


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Fields of Activities


  • Advertising creative, localisation & production


  • Media planning & buying


  • Online advertising & hosting


  • PR


  • Social Media



Mills Advertising has been briefed on a new Pan-European campaign targeting the coating industry with corporate advertisements and some sectors with specific advertisements for smaller target groups. Some ads are using the beautiful photography of Raoul Hollants.


We wrote a blog about social media and disaster news. Many people follow the news on websites, blogs and social media. Nowadays the people that post about big news first are often local people. Would you like to read more about the consequences social media has for disaster news? Check out our blog here

We started using the wonderful new Standox advertisements. A complete new identity with marvelous photography and a very targeted message. Well done Mr Nehring!


The campaign is in its second wave: reminder campaign is up and running in the UK and Germany is about to launch this week. The German campaign will have two parts: one display branding campaign on the Handelsblatt website and another one based on pay per click.

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